Computer Club offers a number of useful services that complement those offered officially by CMU Computing Services. These are primarily of interest to the campus community, but most are available to the world. Typically, we offer services that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Are targeted at a small segment of the community (power users)
  • Would be cost- or time-prohibitive to support officially
  • Are too new to match the slow roll-out period of official services
  • Would not scale practically if used by the entire campus

As a student organization run by volunteers, we do not offer service guarantees and nobody carries a pager. However, our services are generally extremely stable and have come to be relied upon by a significant proportion of the campus community.

Contributed Webserver
  • For any andrew user foo, the directory www (if present) in foo's home directory (/afs/andrew/usr/foo/www) can be reached at
  • No publishing required!
  • CGI scripts (must end in .cgi) with executable permissions will be executed
  • PHP scripts with executable permissions will be executed
  • SQL server access

Contributed Software

Useful software not provided by Computing Services
  • Add source /afs/ to the top of your .bashrc
  • Usful tools: tmux, atool (aunpack,apack,als),, mosh, ranger
  • Video games: wesnoth, minetest, sauerbraten, xonotic
  • A full list of software available is here

FTP Mirror and AFS-accessible under /afs/
  • Open source and Linux/BSD distro mirror
  • Presently mirroring,, and knoppix via rsync

Usenet News Server
  • Fairly complete feed peered with several major sites
  • Read access to the public and write access to CMU IPs
  • alt.binaries.* inaccessible to non-CMU IPs due to bandwidth constraints

Domain Name Service

  • If you would like to host a domain with us, contact us. Your zonefile can live in AFS somewhere and you will be able to update it yourself.

Organization Servers

  • We can provide servers and webhosting for CMU organizations. Contact us at or come by one of our meetings to request this.
  • Space on club AFS server (extend your andrew account!)
  • Ultra-configurable qmail-style mail delivery to your club account
  • Additional website at
  • Servers and bandwidth for personal projects
  • XMPP Instant Messaging