Spring 2014 Talk Series

Check out descriptions of the topics and their dates here

Demosplash Meetings

We have started holding planning meetings for Demosplash 2014. If you'd like to be involved with scheduling cool events, recruiting interesting guest speaker, learning how to demo on crazy old machines, or putting together attractive design materials, head over to Porter Hall A20A on Fridays between 4:00 and 5:00PM!

Does the thought of:

  • Hacking on nifty programming projects
  • Offering useful services to the CMU community
  • Spending your Saturday nights refrigerated in a machine room
  • Promoting open source development and advocacy
  • Tinkering with Amigas, old Apples, VAXen, DECstations, HP9000s, SPARCs, and others

Get you hyped? Then stop by at one of our meetings. We hold weekly machine room hours during the school year on Saturdays starting around 18:00 in Cyert B6.

We also present classic hacker films regularly. Check the events calendar for these announcements.

Finally, subscribe to cmu.student.computer-club for announcements and various discussions.

Machine Room

Saturdays in Cyert B6 at 5:00PM


Fridays in Porter A20A at 4:00PM


Tuesdays in Porter A19C at 5:30PM

Email social@club.cc.cmu.edu to join our mailing lists.

We also keep up a lively IRC discussion on freenode/##cclub, so be sure to join when you're online.