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What is Befunge?

It's fun. It's free. It's eminently two-dimensional. And unfortunately, most information about it is accessible only via the Wayback Machine.


I've been attempting, off and on, to compile as much information as I can about Funge-98 and its predecessors (and successors). One of these days, I'll make another try at a standard-compliant Funge-98 interpreter. Some of my old notes on Funge-98 are in this document.

The official Funge-98 specification is here too, mirrored from the Cat's Eye website.

I also have a mirror of the documentation from RC/Funge-98, Mike Riley's Funge interpreter. The originals are here (on Jesse van Herk's mirror).

I have a mirror of Jeffrey Lee's Dynafing specification for dynamic fingerprints, as well as a nifty HTMLized version of the same thing. The original is at (That domain name ought to be familiar to Befunge programmers!)

The Wayback Machine's mirrors of the old Cat's Eye website are extremely interesting. Chris Pressey's new website is much less Geocities and much more Sourceforge.

The Fungus Virtual Machine

Several years ago, Alexios Chouchoulas wrote a paper describing Fungus, a physical machine especially designed for the Funge programming paradigm. I have a software implementation of that specification, with some useful extensions; and also a two-dimensional assembler for creating binary programs to run on the virtual machine.

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