Chris Pressey reopened his Cat's Eyes Technologies site, which among other things contains Befunge. While I don't spend much time on Befunge any more, it's still the perfect antidote for overloaded schedules and severe deadlines. To satisfy that inner, perverse hunger for non-recognition of your innate ability to write unpronouncable programs which will have no impact whatsoever on the history of the human race, you might be inclined to join the Befunge mailing list.

Actually, the discussions on the mailing list are hardly about Befunge any more. Chris Pressey's pet peeve is 'esoteric programming' and the discussions can be downright fascinating if you like philosophising about computing matters past, present and future. In fact, I have this feeling that Chris may be way ahead of his time in some matters.

For more Befunge, visit:

This is my contribution to befunge:

Visual Befunge '93 for Windows

Following stuff has been confirmed to work with W95 and NT4. If you can make it work on any other Windows platform, please let me know

File Size (bytes) Description
VISBEF.ZIP 64,705 The program, along with some examples and a README.TXT.
MFC40DLL.ZIP 442,431 You need the MFC40.DLL to run Visual Befunge. If you don't have it, download this file as well and plunk the DLL in your system directory.
VISBEFSRC.ZIP 255,584 The source code of VISBEF.EXE and all the files you need for compiling and running the program. This is a VC++ 4.0 project.

I got the dockable control bars from Mark Conway's MRCEXT Site, which no longer exists. Anyhow, many thanks to him and to Micro Focus for having created these.

Befunge Programs

My all-out best effort is my Befunge port of Hunt the Wumpus. This is probably the biggest bef-93 program ever written. The layout doesn't look too good when I load it on my Mac. I hope it's better on other machines.

I feel so honored. After 3 years, I actually got a bug report on an old Befunge program I wrote, befbef2.bf. This is a simple Befunge interpreter written in Befunge. The given link points to the repaired version. Thanks for the trouble-spotting, Amir Karger.


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