I converted a well-circulated list of Apple II-related web sites to HTML a long time ago. It is grossly out of date, and many of the sites it points are likely gone or moved by now. If you want to see it, you probably want to use the Wayback Machine anyway.

Here's some old software I wrote or maintained around 10 years ago for the Apple IIgs platform. None of this is supported or updated in any way.

CoolWriter 3.1 - a text editor with useful file-conversion features
DeskMaker 1.1 - a desk accessory to set the desktop background
MegaBox 3.0 - desk accessory and Finder extension; player for music in several formats used by IIgs trackers
AccentIt! - simple init to reset battery RAM keyboard bytes so dead keys always work
SoundIt! - desk accessory and Finder extension for sampled sound files
Welcome 5.0.1 - tools to change the startup screen