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What is TI-83 Basic?

The TI-83 calculator is made by Texas Instruments. It's an excellent calculator, even if they do keep coming out with newer and uglier versions. I like the original TI-83s, and I like to program them in TI-Basic, which is the high-level programming language designed especially to work with them. Sure, at the core the TI-83 is just a Z80 processor that you can hack in hexadecimal; but I prefer the more Zen-like TI-Basic, in which it is somehow easier to work, yet at the same time a real challenge to produce an interesting result.

On this page, I've collected some of my own interesting results. Some of them are mirrored through my profile at; others are too insignificant to clutter that site, and are just placed here so I won't lose track of them. They're all free, as is generally true of the TI community. I hope you find something to interest you here.

Really good programs

Proof-of-concept programs

TI-83 Basic optimizer

My current project, when I'm not doing real work, is tiopt, an automatic micro-optimizer for TI-83 Basic programs. You can see a recent development snapshot here. This program is not yet ready for the big time, but it can do some simple optimizations, and it automates tedious tasks such as renaming variables and labels. See this page for details.

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